I like to ride my bike.

My Red Kitchen Part Three

In my quest to own all red (preferably KitchenAid) small appliances, I have acquired the red 3-cup KitchenAid food processor. I generally never need a large food processor so the 3 cup is about perfect. Plus it’s a KitchenAid. And it’s red.
Have I mentioned I love red?

My Red Kitchen Part Two

There’s a new member of the red kitchen family: the KitchenAid coffee grinder. It’s a small, but necessary step in my quest to secure all red kitchen small appliances.
This should also make Lindsey happy as I just noticed this was her suggestion.

chef Nicole

As I was eating my cabbage salad lunch earlier today, I thought, “This is so good, everyone deserves to know how to make this.” It’s simple, light, yet filling. And very yummy.


To live in a bike friendlier world. To create the greatest collection of fabulous shoes ever assembled. To see a viable third party in US politics. To get local Rio team riders to acknowledge existence on road.

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