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Special Report: Reg Weaver, NEA President

Quite some time ago, Reg Weaver, National Education Association President, spoke at Carroll. As I have lots of opinions on education, I felt compelled to attend.
Being the geek I am, I came armed with a notebook and pen so as to be able to jot down any pieces of interest. Because of flight [...] reporting for duty

National Education Association (NEA) President Reg Weaver spoke at my place of employ tonight. I sent a staff reporter out on the beat to cover it and report back.
Give the reporter a day to gather her thoughts and expect her summary tomorrow.

More is not better

This is especially true in a market that doesn’t operate efficiently. (I’ve mentioned the state of education a few times before.) And, yet, the idea that throwing more money at education will fix everything pervades. Why? I’m scratching my head on this one.
California’s education budget (in 2002) is 43 [...]

Thank you, Miss Maryland

for your perpetuation of the ignorance surrounding public education. That sure is a great platform you’ve chosen considering public schools already receive the majority of the budgets of the states in the union. Hmmm. Yes, teachers must be underpaid. Nevermind that markets aren’t allowed to operate in that sector — and let’s [...]


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