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Long Term vs. Short Term: On the Personal Level

The sacrifice of the long term in favor of the short term in business has been bothering me for some time. However, as I continue to ponder it, it strikes me that the same problem can be traced all the way back to an individual, personal level. People consistently make short term decisions [...]

On Long Term vs. Short Term

Link logs in the blogosphere are saturated with incredulous links to stories in the vein of “Wow. Look at this company — they pay their employees well, are socially responsible, and they’re still successful. Huh.” Among the companies likely to be the subject of the linked articles are SouthWest, JetBlue, Whole Foods, or Costco.
Great. [...]

Live 8: Missing the Mark

Live 8. In a throwback to the famous LiveAid concert, lots of famous artists from Madonna to Destiny’s Child donated their time to throw a huge concert that draws tens of thousands. Why you ask? They must be raising money for a cause, right? Well, that would be half right. [...]

The ONE Campaign

You’ve probably seen the commercial. Various celebrities including Cameron Diaz, Bono, and Brad Pitt flash on screen in a subdued black and white tint trying to mobilize us to some action. At the end Brad assures us that they “don’t want your money, we want your voice.”
Already skeptical of the campaign, I visited [...]

Initiative 147 !== Jobs

This entry I must file under the “why do people stick to old ideas that no longer hold water” category. In November, along with electing a new United States President, Montana voters will vote for or against Initiative 147, also known as I-147. (This is not a vote for or against a new [...]

More is not better

This is especially true in a market that doesn’t operate efficiently. (I’ve mentioned the state of education a few times before.) And, yet, the idea that throwing more money at education will fix everything pervades. Why? I’m scratching my head on this one.
California’s education budget (in 2002) is 43 [...]

The economics of wealth and wealth creation

While the Robin Hood idea of wealth dispersal appeals to many, I would like to say that it would have an absolutely horrible effect on real society. It’s great for a cartoon or film, but in reality would have dire consequences.
The “hate the rich” attitude seems to be deeply rooted in American society today. [...]

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