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Bill Stone on Social Security

As always, this was a letter to the editor of the Rapid City Journal. This letter appeared in the Feb. 11, 2004 edition.
Social Insecurity
Diverting Social Security taxes into Wall Street is the goal of many politicians. This is a political approach to a serious problem.
Individuals should carefully consider the risks of transferring Social Security [...]

The Bill Stone series

The themes are similar, the arguments the same — here’s another installment in the Bill Stone series. As always, this letter originally appeared in The Rapid City Journal.
Lived too long
You know you’ve lived too long when:
The queers are getting married, the straights are shacking up, and neither want any children.
The queers can marry in [...]

Apparently today is lambast Mr. Stone day

I’ll admit that perhaps I’m picking on Mr. Stone. And, really, it’s in quite a cowardly way. If I had any chutzpah at all, I would actually write a reply to The Rapid City Journal. Regardless, it does ease my mind to vent my irritation. The US steel industry is a [...]

Bill Stone, international man of ignorance

This is not the first time the Stone man, with his infinite ignorance, has made it into an entry of my humble weblog. I think the letter alone speaks for itself.
Eskimo health care
Following the World War II baby boom, Americans made a seismic cultural shift, substituting possessions for children, resulting in an aging population [...]

The Stone man strikes again

As I may or may not have mentioned in a previous entry, I believe everyone should have to take an economics course at some point during their education–and I don’t mean the crappy run-of-the-mill economics course we all take in high school. Case in point: Bill Stone. He writes a letter to the [...]


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