I like to ride my bike.

The Copper Triangle Recap

Short version: It was awesome!
The longer version: It was a consensus among our group that we all felt awesome yesterday. And it’s true, I had a great day on the bike.
The mountain air was quite cool when we rolled out, but I quickly warmed up as the climb up to Fremont Pass began. [...]

Final Preparations

As I write this, the Copper Triangle start line is just over 24 hours away. This past weekend I did my last “big” training ride to keep the climbing legs nimble. In this area, “long” plus “climbing” usually means a trip up Rist Canyon. My route (similar to this) took me over [...]

Le Tour Withdrawals

I had settled into a nice routine during the Tour. Watch until I had to go to work. Ignore the Internet all day so as to remain ignorant of the result.* After work and after my ride, settle in to watch the TiVoed action. Fast forward through what I’d already seen. Stop [...]

Crazy weather, crazy person

Note to self: Try not to so poorly misread a storm ever again.
Thursday night I headed out to ride the dams. I noticed dark clouds in the north, but figured if I cut out part of the ride (not going north for some extra miles before hitting the dams) and headed directly west then [...]

Copper Triangle Recon

Last weekend, the ladies (and a couple husbands) and I headed to the mountains to do some Copper Triangle recon. The mission? To scout the terrain to perhaps allay our nerves and to enjoy the Colorado mountains in the summer.
We arrived mid afternoon on Saturday and decided to check out Vail Pass after [...]

I’m Awesome

So awesomely clumsy, I guess, that I managed to lose not one, but both shoes off my feet on my commute home. It remains a mystery how I lost the first one as I was pedaling fiercely to get through a light before it changed. Then as I swung my bike around to [...]

The Copper Triangle (or why all I do is bike)

Remember that bike I mentioned a while back? Well, we’ve gotten very well acquainted over the last year. We’ve grown especially close over the last three months as I train (a term I use loosely) for the Copper Triangle, a 77 mile alpine ride over 3 mountain passes. My training regime consists [...]

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To live in a bike friendlier world. To create the greatest collection of fabulous shoes ever assembled. To see a viable third party in US politics. To get local Rio team riders to acknowledge existence on road.

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