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Boulder Roubaix

Posted on | August 19, 2008 |

What better way to spend a Saturday than at a bike race, right? In this case, Mother Nature decided to bless the day and the previous 36+ hours with a steady rain (and snow in the upper elevations of Colorado). The Boulder Roubaix course is 75% hard packed dirt so this made for some delightfully (I can say this because I wasn’t racing) muddy and slick conditions.

My friend Brian was racing in the men’s cat 4 race. Friend Tracy was a course marshal, while I manned the feed zone and served as one of an estimated 12 spectators. Rain poured steadily all morning. It was a true field test of my rain gear, which passed with flying colors by the way. Water was rolling off me, so you can imagine what this rain did for the roads.

Boulder Roubaix - Woman climbs up a hill on the course

Check out the dirt on this woman’s bike. She managed to keep her kit way cleaner than a lot of riders. I think this might be the women’s cat 4 winner, so perhaps it’s because she was always out in front. All the riders were ridiculously dirty.

Boulder Roubaix - Pro peloton

Luck was on the pros’ side as conditions vastly improved prior to their start. Look at all those clean kits.

Boulder Roubaix - Feed Zone

At one point, I was directed to establish a feed zone “somewhere near that white mailbox.” This is what I later figured out must have been “the feed zone.” Hmmm…

I had a lot of fun cheering for the riders, doing what I could to make them feel better about slogging through rain and mud. All the riders were amazingly polite — at least half said “thank you” while another quarter gave me a nod of appreciation every time.

All in all, a fun bike race.


2 Responses to “Boulder Roubaix”

  1. b
    August 21st, 2008 @ 6:32 pm

    Yeah, that wife of mine is great. She’s a great wife, my wife. Wife Holcombe - she’s super!

    Thanks for your help on Saturday Nicole! Awesome!

  2. Nicole
    August 25th, 2008 @ 2:02 am


    Fine, make fun of me for attempting to give background info.

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