I like to ride my bike.


In which The Sister ™ wins yet again,

me: they’re totally underselling you!
me: i’m not going to buy any tickets from you anymore.
thesister: and so…does their lift ticket come with free lessons and advice and will they wait for you at the end of every run?
thesister: doubtful
thesister: not much of a bargain when you consider [...]

March Madness 2006: George Mason? Really?

My bracket is officially done now, reduced to a conglomeration of red strikeouts. If you look closely, you’ll see that I managed to correctly pick only 8 of the sweet sixteen teams, 3 of the elite eight teams and no final four teams. Of the teams I picked to play in the championship, [...]

I’m Feeling Antisocial

Enough with the social bookmarking. Really. I don’t digg it. I don’t reddit. I won’t seed it. I don’t think it’s I’m a jerk.


March Madness 2006: Behold the Burning Pile of Picks

There’s really not much to say here. The first and second rounds of the tournament were not kind to my bracket. Like, not even a little bit. Kansas lost in the first round. North Carolina lost in the second round. The Georges accomplished more than their fair share in [...]

March Madness, Baby!

Oh, yes. It’s that time of year again. I cannot well describe the excitement this time of year brings for me — we won’t bring up the loss of productivity as I continuously refresh ESPN’s scoreboard during the day. In college, I missed very few classes, and most of these absences can be attributed [...]

Also Known as Why the Democrats are Failing

As most people who read the news semi-frequently already know, the South Dakota legislature recently passed a bill banning most abortions in the state (the governor has since signed the bill). A post stating my opposition or support to it would do nothing but fuel a never ending, futile comments argument as discussing abortion, [...]

Gone Skiing

It’s been indicated that I haven’t posted in a while. Yes, it’s true. Projects are stagnating. Bloglines has long ago quit showing any indication of updates here or at I (heart) baking. Why? It’s ski season. Weekends that once served as primary “catch up” time for my websites and [...]


To live in a bike friendlier world. To create the greatest collection of fabulous shoes ever assembled. To see a viable third party in US politics. To get local Rio team riders to acknowledge existence on road.

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