I like to ride my bike. Meta News

My recent jump into the world of Bloglines-ing has had at least one good effect — I now actually check out my own feeds. I’ve never paid much attention to them other than obediently listing feed links. Well, did you know that previously I wasn’t publishing the full article entries in my feeds? [...] They Just Don’t Get It

It’s no secret that I have a love hate relationship with Two days ago, the strong dislike intensified when an email from them entitled Should we take on right wing Democrats? landed in my inbox. A snippet from this email:

This year our top goal is breaking the right-wing Republican stranglehold on Congress. [...]

2006 Winter Olympics: I say Torino, You Say Turino

As my fair readers know, I’m not one to shy from a good bout of sports watching unless it’s hockey on TV or NASCAR. Thusly, I’ve been following the winter Olympics. I can’t help but peek at results through out the day only to go home at night to watch said results in [...]


Okay, I didn’t so much switch as I bought an iBook to keep my PC company. And now I’m trying to figure out this whole Mac OS thing. So far, I’ve managed to change the system preferences and pick up 8 nearby wireless networks I didn’t even know existed. I’m excited about [...]


To live in a bike friendlier world. To create the greatest collection of fabulous shoes ever assembled. To see a viable third party in US politics. To get local Rio team riders to acknowledge existence on road.

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