I like to ride my bike.

Forbes Magazine Takes On Blog World with ‘Attack of the Blogs’, Loses

Recently, I was at the gym and grabbed Forbes magazine to read while I did the Alpine Pass on the upright bike. For the ride I would have much preferred a magazine of the trashier sort (e.g. US Weekly, In Touch), but since no such celeb-crazy mags were available I grabbed for the mag [...]

Long Term vs. Short Term: On the Personal Level

The sacrifice of the long term in favor of the short term in business has been bothering me for some time. However, as I continue to ponder it, it strikes me that the same problem can be traced all the way back to an individual, personal level. People consistently make short term decisions [...]

I (heart) baking

Oh, I love baking, I really do. So, I’ve decided to give the topic its own corner of the web. The style is a little different than this blog, but, if nothing else, I hope you’re hungry for chocolate after you visit.

Intelligent Design and Evolution

As regular readers know, I hate stereotyping and generalizations (see Election 2004 results analysis). With the latest Kansas Board of Education ruling that opens the way for local school districts to allow the teaching of ID, most people have come to the conclusion that all Kansans must not believe in science. This is [...]

USD Doesn’t Make the Playoffs, Nicole Gets Angry

The Divison II football team with the highest total offense per game, a top quarterback (a Harlan Hill candidate), an 8-2 record, a share of the North Central Conference title, and a #11 national ranking (or #8 depending on which poll you follow) will not be in the playoffs. Seems a little odd doesn’t [...]

A Couple of Nicole’s Laws

If you are required to park incorrectly because some dude can’t park worth crap, that dude will inevitably leave the lot first making you look like the jack@$$ who can’t park.
If two buslines on the same loop (but going opposite directions) go very near your two local bus stops within a minute of each other [...]

Bad Defensive Design for the Web

37Signals would be aghast at TIAA-CREF’s take on defensive design.

Firstly, an error message is displayed when a I initially go to the client log-in creation page. Hmmm, I thought to myself. Some functionality isn’t working apparently, but the form is still there, so I must be able to continue. Wrong. [...]

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To live in a bike friendlier world. To create the greatest collection of fabulous shoes ever assembled. To see a viable third party in US politics. To get local Rio team riders to acknowledge existence on road.

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