I like to ride my bike.

The Shakes

I was just in an earthquake for the third time in my life, and I think this might have been the most intense. The whole building moved slightly and my shelves swayed back and forth. And that’s not the most interesting part. The interesting part is how much data is already available [...]

A Goal Revisited

I think my fingers may be in good enough shape to stick with it this time.

Shoe Deathmatch 2005: A New Summer Series

My shoe collection is once again out of hand. How out of hand you ask? If I told you I own roughly 48 pairs of shoes, would that be out of hand? Here’s part of my collection as it stands today. This does not include several pairs of running shoes.

Given my [...]

A Different Host, Hopefully One with the Most

I just moved my site to a new host and redirected the name servers. So if you see a few glitches here and there, this is why.

The Book Meme

Jeremy tagged me for The Book Meme quite awhile ago, but a vacation, spotty server stability, and my own laziness has prevented me from dutifully spreading the meme.
How many books do I own?
Are they kidding? Do normal people really know this kind of thing? On my small shelf within visual distance there are [...]

Live 8: Missing the Mark

Live 8. In a throwback to the famous LiveAid concert, lots of famous artists from Madonna to Destiny’s Child donated their time to throw a huge concert that draws tens of thousands. Why you ask? They must be raising money for a cause, right? Well, that would be half right. [...]


To live in a bike friendlier world. To create the greatest collection of fabulous shoes ever assembled. To see a viable third party in US politics. To get local Rio team riders to acknowledge existence on road.

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