I like to ride my bike.


A couple shots from my trip including a humpback whale spotting while whale watching, the girls out in Boston (me excluded), and waiting for the T. I know it’s subtle, but in the last one, I’m resting my right foot. Cobblestones aren’t for walking. More shots to come soon.
As a side note, [...]

Ain’t No Party Like An East Coast Party

Is it odd that I can create an entire load of laundry from just clothes of the red family? Who doesn’t split their laundry into darks, reds, whites, and permanent press?
Well, peeps, as soon as I’ve finished my laundry, my work week, packing my suitcase, and it’s Saturday, I’m headed to the East Coast [...]

The Hot Prospects*

The roomies were back together again this past weekend. Obviously, the occasion was a wedding. I also think it is quite fitting that a Miller Lite bottle would get stuck in the foreground of the picture.
* I apologize to those who don’t get this inside joke.


To live in a bike friendlier world. To create the greatest collection of fabulous shoes ever assembled. To see a viable third party in US politics. To get local Rio team riders to acknowledge existence on road.

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