I like to ride my bike.

The one-upper

I hate the one-upper.
the one-upper
n. A person who must, at all times, have a better story, experience, word, etc, related to a topic suggested by another person.
See also my-dad-is-bigger-than-your-dad syndrome.
Garr. Harumph. I think this type of person is one of the most annoying.

Beware of my mind

Sometimes I lie in my bed at night and think about the quickest way out of my house in the case of fire. At other times, I imagine nefarious characters making their way into my house via my bedroom window– and my task is to fool them into thinking I’m asleep and don’t hear [...]


My head hurts. Bob would have an honest-to-goodness heart attack if he saw the database I was working with.

An adventure in html, php, mysql, css, and…

Fort Collins! I’m off to Colorado.

Thank you, Miss Maryland

for your perpetuation of the ignorance surrounding public education. That sure is a great platform you’ve chosen considering public schools already receive the majority of the budgets of the states in the union. Hmmm. Yes, teachers must be underpaid. Nevermind that markets aren’t allowed to operate in that sector — and let’s [...]

It’s a little game I like to call…

…find the blaring (or apparently not so blaring) grammatical error in the following statement found in the background of an All My Children scene. (I just happened to have it on — let’s move past this).
“Habitat for Humanity thanks it’s Pine Valley volunteers for a job well done!”
What? Did the middle school intern make [...]

If I were one of the ‘normal’ freshmen, I’d be mad

This is crap.

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To live in a bike friendlier world. To create the greatest collection of fabulous shoes ever assembled. To see a viable third party in US politics. To get local Rio team riders to acknowledge existence on road.

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