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Most Useful Classes

Posted on | July 11, 2003 |

So, you’re wondering what classes will be most useful for you at college? What should you take? Well, look no further. I’ve done all of the hard work (i.e. took the classes) and now present my top five list of the most useful classes as judged by each one’s contribution to my Jeopardy knowledge:

  1. Theatre Appreciation - THEA 100 - I know, this one surprised me too, but you can never underestimate knowing the classics.

  2. Introduction to Literature - ENGL 210 - Questions about the Beat poets and “The Mending Wall” pop up all the time.
  3. Seminar in Political Economy - ECON 444 - Nothing can beat knowing the history of many different countries and reading The Communist Manifesto as well as writings by Milton Friedman and Friedrich Hayek among others.
  4. Governments of the World - POLS 141 - Governments, governments, governments
  5. Personal Health - HLTH 103 - Just one phrase, ‘Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs’


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